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Our Experience

Caleb Consultants is a business and management consultancy that covers coaching for leadership, emotional intelligence, team building, better communications, internal coaching, coach-mentoring  supervision, and building personal confidence. The consultancy contributes to leadership, responsibility and growth in companies internationally. 

We have a decade of experience, helping organisations to deliver transformations that make them more competitive, improve profitability and market share. We combine business acumen and a passion for helping organisations to scale leadership capability with well tested processes to empower teams at all levels in your organisation.

Why Us?

For us, ‘leadership’ is about people being successful and enabling success in others. Our programmes create awareness and personal responsibility at all levels, improving performance, and creating successful organisations. We work throughout client organisations, creating a strong leadership capability. 

Our services are delivered to world-class standards. We take great care in the selection of our coaches, facilitators, tutors and consultants. Our partners and associates are qualified coaches, experts who know from experience what it is to lead and support others. 

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